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COMMUNICATION re RFP and responses for the South Public Safety Center

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4. COMMUNICATION, Mayor Mitchell, to City Council, submitting RFP and two responses for Purchase of Real Property for the South Public Safety Center and an ORDER requesting the Committee on City Property ratify the RFP process, select the preferred site, commission an appraisal and provide direction regarding Purchase and Sales Agreement. (Ref’d 2/8/18) (3/26/18-tabled; Committee voted to accept the RFP for land for a Public Safety Facility issued by the Administration satisfying the RFP requirement pursuant to c.30B Sec. 16 of the General Laws and the City Code Sec. 2-65 AND Committee voted that the Property Committee request the Public Safety Building Committee submit a written evaluation of the two proposals specifically tailored to the various criteria contained in the RFP and that it be presented to the Committee Members prior to the meeting on April 23, 2018.) (The requested Evaluation Criteria Comparison was received 4/19/18; Copied all Councillors 4/19/18.)


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4. COMM re RFP & Responses for Property Purchase for Safety CenterCover Memo
COMM re Evaluation Criteria ComaprisonCover Memo