Thursday, November 10, 2016

CITATIONS, Councillor Martins, honoring KARL FARNWORTH, OSCAR AMARAL, ROBERT FIELDS and MICHAEL ASHLEY, in recognition of their ten years of dedicated service to the Greater New Bedford PONY League at Brooklawn Park with many thanks. 


Adopted, to be presented at a later date.


WRITTEN MOTION, Councillor Rebeiro, requesting, on behalf of Geoffrey Smith, that the following street(s) be CLOSED: Starting at the junction of Union Street and Macarthur Drive, proceed on Macarthur Drive to Conway Street and take a left, then right onto Hassey Street, a right at Wright Street and left back onto Macarthur Drive, proceed to South Front Street and take left onto South Front Street, proceed on South Front Street to Cove Street, take a right to the Traffic light at intersection of John F. Kennedy Highway and take a right turn on JFK Highway, proceed along JFK Highway to intersection of Potomska Street and take a right back on to Macarthur Drive, continue on Macarthur Drive, Finishing in the Waterfront Park/Union Street area, for the purpose of The Santa 5K Run.


Permission Granted.


WRITTEN MOTION, Councillor Gomes, requesting, on behalf of the New Bedford High School Class of 2017, that the following street(s) be CLOSED: LT. WALTER E. FULLER MEMORIAL PARKWAY, from Rockdale Avenue to the Monument in Veteran’s Memorial Buttonwood Park, ON WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2016, FROM: 6:00 P.M. THROUGH 9:00 P.M., for the purpose of the New Bedford High School Thanksgiving Rally and Bonfire; also requesting, that the Traffic Commission post “No Parking” Signs because fire engines and floats will be parked on this section of Fuller Memorial Parkway. (Please Note: Parade Route from New Bedford High School to Buttonwood Park via Hathaway Boulevard, to Rockdale Avenue, to Buttonwood Park.)


Permission Granted.


WRITTEN MOTION, Councillor Gomes, requesting, on behalf of Sheri A. Sarmento, 213 Cottage Street, that the Department of Public Infrastructure/Forestry remove the dead tree in front of said address, the tree does not need to be checked out, it is completely dead. (To be Referred to the Department of Public Infrastructure/Forestry.) 


Referred to the Department of Public Infrastructure/Forestry.


MINUTES, Board of Assessors, submitting MINUTES of a meeting held on October 13, 2016.


Received and Placed on File.


MINUTES, Conservation Commission, submitting MINUTES of meetings held on May 17, June 07, June 21 and July 05, 2016.


Received and Placed on File.


Caroline Street P76/Lot 218-219

C8.1487 - 1491 Purchase Street
C9.P 130/Lot 481 Beckett Street
C10.1174 Pleasant Street
C11.92 Hanover Street

Caroline Street P76/Lot 218-219

C13.1487 - 1491 Purchase Street
C14.P 130/Lot 481 Beckett Street
C15.1174 Pleasant Street
C16.92 Hanover Street
C17.77 Morris Street
C18.Walnut Street
C19.149 Foxborough Street
C20.1214 - 1216 Kempton Street
C21.360 Wood Street
C22.337 South Second Street
C23.Belleville Avenue
C24.Acushnet Avenue
C25.439 - 445 Maxfield Street
C26.706 Acushnet Avenue
C27.292 Austin Street
C28.24 Warren Street
C29.30 Adams street
C30.1332 Pleasant Street
C31.259 & 259R North Front Street
C32.21 Bradford Street
C33.344 Court Street
C34.136 Dartmouth Street
C35.Country Street/Morgan Street
C36.32 Mandell Street
C37.145 Branscomb Street
C38.Bullock Street
C39.791 Purchase Street
C40.251 Chestnut Street
C41.791 Purchase Street
C42.113 Eugenia Street
C43.283 - 285 Rivet Street

PETITION, NSTAR Electric Company d/b/a Eversource Energy for location of one (1) 45”x45”x36” Handhole in UNION STREET, East of Water Street.