Thursday, January 26, 2017

CITATION, Council President Lopes, Councillors Abreu, Bousquet, Carney, Coelho, Gomes, Martins, Morad, Oliveira, Rebeiro and Winterson, honoring ROBERT BRUNELLE, Owner of Main Street Formals, in recognition of his continued generosity and commitment to the City of New Bedford and the donation of bow ties in honor of Councillor Ward Three Henry G. Bousquet.

Adopted, to be presented at a later date.


WRITTEN MOTION, Councillor Rebeiro, requesting, on behalf of Geoffrey Smith, The Sightings, LLC, that the following street(s) be CLOSED: UNION STREET AND MACARTHUR DRIVE, proceeding along MacArthur Drive to Conway Street/right onto Hassey Street/right at Wright Street/left back to MacArthur Drive/proceed to Front Street, take a left onto Front Street, proceed along Front Street to Cove Street/right to the Traffic Light at the intersection of John F. Kennedy Highway, take a right turn on John F. Kennedy Highway/proceed along John F. Kennedy Highway to MacArthur Drive/take a right turn at the intersection of Potomska Street and another right turn onto MacArthur Drive, to finish at the Waterfront Park/Union Street area, ON SUNDAY, MARCH 05, 2017, FROM 7:00 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M., for the purpose of The Ireland, 5K Walk/Run.


Permission Granted.


COMMUNICATION, DANIEL MCCARTHY, RACE COORDINATOR - NEW BEDFORD HALF-MARATHON/FRIENDLY SONS OF SAINT PATRICK, to City Council/City Clerk, Requesting THE CLOSING/OBSTRUCTION OF: WILLIAM STREET, at Sixth Street, MIDDLE STREET, at Sixth Street, MARKET STREET, at Sixth Street, PLEASANT STREET, at Union Street, ELM STREET, at Acushnet Avenue and SOUTH SECOND STREET, from Union Street to School Street, FROM: 8:00 A. M. TO:  3:30 P. M. ON SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 2017 FOR THE PURPOSE OF: THE 2017 NEW BEDFORD HALF-MARATHON (COMMENCING AT 11:00 A.M.) ALSO REQUESTING:- that they be allowed to place cones on the centerline of HATHAWAY ROAD from Mt. Pleasant Street West to Rockdale Avenue, creating two-way traffic on the WESTBOUND LANE; - that the Police close ROCKDALE AVENUE, from Hathaway Road South to Potter Street, for approximately 30 MINUTES, or until the runners have passed;  - that two-way traffic on ROCKDALE AVENUE, South from Grape Street to Cove Road, be stopped, and cones be placed in the middle of ROCKDALE AVENUE and COVE ROAD, to create a lane for runners on South Side; - that the WEST LANE of WEST RODNEY FRENCH BOULEVARD and the EAST LANE of EAST RODNEY FRENCH BOULEVARD, be blocked to traffic, except at intersections where autos must cross - horses or cones will be placed at WEST RODNEY FRENCH BOULEVARD and Portland, Hudson, Seymour, Bayview, Rodney French Boulevard and Brock Avenue and SOUTH-BOUND TRAFFIC at SEYMOUR STREET will be BLOCKED to prevent autos from entering the race course; - that WESTBOUND traffic on COVE ROAD be directed NORTH onto Orchard Street, then if they choose, be detoured WEST on SWIFT STREET, again detoured SOUTH onto BOLTON STREET, to eventually cross ROCKDALE AVENUE and continue SOUTH; - that COUNTY STREET be closed to two-way traffic from COVE STREET, NORTH to Kempton Street; - that KEMPTON STREET be closed to all EASTERLY traffic, from County Street EAST to Pleasant Street, and cones be placed in the South corridor of the Octopus intersection, preventing traffic entrance to SIXTH STREET, and guiding runners to Pleasant Street; - that SIXTH STREET be closed to traffic at Kempton Street; and- that DETOUR SIGNS be installed directing EASTERLY traffic on KEMPTON STREET to detour traffic NORTH on COUNTY STREET, then EAST on HILLMAN STREET, then SOUTH on PURCHASE STREET, thus allowing EASTERLY TRAFFIC access to the New Bedford/Fairhaven Bridge. (Submitted by Councillor Ward Four Dana Rebeiro.)


Permission Granted.


MINUTES, Planning Board submitting MINUTES of a meeting held on December 14, 2016.


Received and Placed on File.


MINUTES, Board of Assessors submitting MINUTES of a meeting held on January 3, 2017.


Received and Placed on File.


MINUTES, Board of Assessors, submitting MINUTES of a meeting held on January 12, 2017.


Received and Placed on File.


 MINUTES, Licensing Board, submitting MINUTES of meetings held on October 24, November 21 and December 19, 2016.


Received and Placed on File.


MINUTES, Zoning Board of Appeals, submitting MINUTES of meetings held on November 17, December 6, and December 15, 2016.


 Received and Placed on File.

C9.266 Herman Melville Boulevard
C10.  266 Herman Melville Boulevard
C11.177 Cove Street
C12.1765 & 1765R Acushnet Avenue
C13.886 May Street
C14.118 Washington Street
C15.147 Acushnet Avenue
C16. 132 Deane Street
C17.Moreland Terrace (From #47 Moreland Terrace to Ash Street)

Meriam Street (from Moreland Terrace to Bedford Street)

C19.Stetson Street (From Moreland Terrace to Bedford Street)
C20. Bedford Street (Start at 210 Bedford Street to Ash Street)
C21.310 Irvington Street
C22.89 Merrimac Street
C23. 31 Nash Road
C24.61 Palmer Street
C25.194 Summer Street
C26.165 - 167 Hatch Street
C27.62 Vine Street
C28.24 Chancery Street
C29.159 - 161 Clara Street

118 Washington Street

C31.278 - 280 Bates Street
C32.Waverly Street
C33.Brownell Street, South of Union Street

PETITION, NSTAR Electric Company d/b/a Eversource Energy, for location of two (2) 4" Conduits and one (1) 45" x 45" x 36" Handhole in COTTAGE STREET, North of Hawthorn Street.