Thursday, March 23, 2017

L1.       WRITTEN MOTION, Councillors Gomes & Oliveira, requesting that the Committee on Public Safety and Neighborhoods meet with Pulaski School Parents and School Staff in conjunction with the Far North End Neighborhood Association, to discuss the ongoing traffic and public safety issues at Pulaski school and that the Administration look into funding for two (2) traffic guards during drop off and pickup times at said school further requesting, that this Committee Meeting be held at the Pulaski School to get Parents and School staff input. (To be Referred to the Committee on Public Safety and Neighborhoods.)         

L1a.     COMMUNICATION, Councillor Gomes, submitting an email from Lisa Tavares, concerned parent of a student at Pulaski School, regarding the traffic issues at the school.  (To be Referred to the Committee on Public Safety and Neighborhoods.)

L2.       REPORT, Committee on Ordinances, recommending to the City Council ADOPTION of the ORDINANCE, AS AMENDED, Relative to Personnel, Chapter 19, Section 19-7.1.


L2a.     AN ORDINANCE, as Amended (Passed to a Second Reading and Referred to the Committee on Ordinances in its Second Reading Stage – February 23, 2017.)

L3.       WRITTEN MOTION, Councillor Morad, requesting that CFO Ari Sky, brief the Committee on Finance on the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget, before the Mayor's budget submission in May.  ( To be Referred to the Committee on Finance.)

L4.     WRITTEN MOTION, Councillor Rebeiro, requesting, on behalf of Scott Downing, Executive Secretary, Traffic Commission, that the following street(s) be CLOSED: FREDERICK DOUGLAS WAY, North to the property line at Regency Towers (its Terminus), STARTING SATURDAY, APRIL 01, 2017, TO SUNDAY, OCTOBER 01, 2017, for the purpose of The Elm Street Garage Construction Project.