Thursday, June 8, 2017

L1.       WRITTEN MOTION, Councillor Gomes, requesting, that the Committee on Public Safety and Neighborhoods call an immediate Public Safety Summit to include a Representative of the Mayor’s Office, Police Chief Cordeiro, Massachusetts Homeland Security Director, Bristol County Sheriff Hodgson, the Commanding Officer from the State Police Barracks in Dartmouth and a Representative of the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office  to discuss measures, procedures and strategies to be utilized and implemented, such as stop and search, crime-free zones, and zero tolerance for crimes in our parks and playgrounds and that SRT Tactical Unit be on call and utilized anytime its needed, also that extra patrols and undercover units be placed in high crime neighborhood; and further, that a Public Awareness Campaign be put together to reach out to the neighborhoods and the citizens of this City for their assistance in fighting crime; furthermore, that this summit be held in executive session, due to the information that may be provided and also strategies that may already be in place that not only protect our Police Officers, Agencies but also the public.

L2.       WRITTEN MOTION, Councillor Rebeiro, Requesting, that the Committee on Internal Affairs be updated on the City’s construction projects, as to the status of hiring local women and minorities, included in this update should be a description of the recommended good faith outreach mechanism to be used for the hiring of New Bedford residents with a focus on minorities and women in the labor force; and further that similar data is requested for the contracting of local firms with a focus on minority and women owned businesses on City’s construction projects, this update should address what are the goals of the City of New Bedford’s Compliance Office; how many positions have been filled on the sites throughout the City; what are the efforts being taken to hire locally by the Compliance Office for the City; furthermore, a listing of all the City’s current construction projects and a projection of all construction projects within the next fiscal year should be included.  (To be Referred to Eric Cohen, Compliance Officer; Richard Calderon, Assistant Purchasing Agent; Angela Johnston, Economic Development Council, Buddy Andrade and Gus Santos.)

L3.     COMMUNICATION, Mayor Mitchell, to City Council, submitting the APPOINTMENT of MANUEL DEBRITO, New Bedford, MA to the ELECTION COMMISSION, replacing Maria Tomasia whose term will expire upon Council approval of Mr. DeBrito’s appointment; this term will expire April 2018.