Thursday, October 11, 2018


1.     HEARING, on NSTAR Electric Company d/b/a Eversource Energy for location of one (1) 4” Conduit, three (3) 4” Conduits, five (5) 4” Conduits, nine (9) 4” Conduits, one (1) 6’x10’x8’ Manhole, one (1) 3’x3’x4’ Switching Station and one (1) 45”x45”x36” Handhole in CAMPBELL STREET, West of Purchase Street.


1a.     AN ORDER,


M1.      COMMUNICATION, Mayor Mitchell, to City Council, submitting AN ORDER,  amending the Order adopted by the City Council on June 25, 2018, and signed by the Mayor on June 29, 2018, which provided the payment of current expenses for the CITY for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019 which appropriated $319,534,745 from Ordinary Revenue and Municipal Receipts is hereby authorized at $318,849,999 with the following amended budgets:  GREATER NEW BEDFORD REGIONAL VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL, Charges & Services Account in the amount of $5,471,998.00  and HEALTH INSURANCE, Charges & Services Account in the amount of $43,476,000.00.


M1a.    AN ORDER,

M2.     COMMUNICATION, Mayor Mitchell, to City Council, submitting AN ORDER authorizing the City of New Bedford to enter into a five (5) year Lease with All American Investment Group, LLC, for the purchase of five trucks, 5 SUVs, three vehicles, one crane and one vactor, submitted for City Council approval in accordance with M.G.L. c.30B, Section 12 (b) for contracts in excess of three years’ duration.


M2a.     AN ORDER,

M3.     COMMUNICATION, Mayor Mitchell, to City Council, submitting a ONE YEAR WAIVER OF RESIDENCY for SUSAN BRUCE, Director of the Purchasing Department, who currently resides in Plymouth, MA.
M4.     COMMUNICATION, Mayor Mitchell, to City Council, submitting a ONE YEAR WAIVER OF RESIDENCY for DANIELA MOUTINHO FERREIRA, Librarian-II/Branch Manager at the Casa da Saudade Library Branch, who currently lives in Norton, MA.
M5.     COMMUNICATION, Mayor Mitchell, to City Council, submitting a ONE YEAR WAIVER OF RESIDENCY for CAROLINE HAWTHORNE, Education Curator for the Buttonwood Park Zoo, who currently lives in Fairhaven, MA.

M6.     COMMUNICATION, Mayor Mitchell, to City Council, submitting the APPOINTMENT of JONATHAN SOUSA MELO, New Bedford, MA, 02745, as a CONSTABLE.




2.     REPORT, Committee on Ordinances, recommending to the City Council to amend the Ordinance, Chapter 18, Parks and Recreation, Section 18-1 Board of Park Commissioners – Establishment, there shall be a Board of Park Commissioners consisting of five (5) persons, with one being the DPI Commissioner or a designee appointed by the DPI Commissioner.


2a.     AN ORDINANCE, Amending Section 18-1 of Code of Ordinances – Relative to the Board of Park Commissioners.

3.     REPORT, Committee on Memorials and Dedications, recommending to the City Council APPROVAL of the naming of the Solicitor’s Law Library “The Arthur J. Caron, Jr., Esq. Law Library.”

3a.     COMMUNICATION, Mayor Mitchell, to City Council, requesting that the City Council formally recognize the achievements and contributions of the late Arthur J. Caron, Jr., who passed away on January 19, 2018, after many decades of service to New Bedford, by naming the City Solicitor’s Office Law Library “The Arthur J. Caron, Jr., Esq. Law Library”, in honor or Mr. Caron’s dedicated service and contributions to the City of New Bedford. (Referred to the Committee on Memorials and Dedications – May 24, 2018.)

4.     REPORT, Committee on Memorials and Dedications, recommending that the City Council inform the Park Board that the Committee on Memorials and Dedications supports the naming of the basketball courts at Ashley Park in honor of Tom Barao and that his name be painted in the center circle of the courts and requests that the Park Board hear the matter and follow the Committee’s recommendation.

5.     WRITTEN MOTION, Councillor Giesta, requesting, that the City Council direct the Committee on City Property, prior to taking any votes on any proposals regarding the Phillips Avenue School, hold a public hearing in order to acquire information, thoughts and opinions from the various citizens in and around the neighborhood or from anyone else who may be interested in the fate of the former Phillips Avenue School property.

6.     WRITTEN MOTION, Councillors Carney, Gomes, Abreu and Markey, on behalf of the south end neighborhood groups, requesting that a traffic study be conducted on Brock Avenue at the intersection of Cove Road, to determine the best traffic flow for the new public safety building; further that this matter be referred to the Committee on Public Safety and Neighborhoods, and that Police Chief Cordeiro, Fire Chief Gomes, EMS Director McGraw, Deputy DPI Commissioner Silva, Executive Secretary to the Traffic Commissioner Downing, and Celiene Saravia from the south end neighborhood groups be invited to said meeting.

7.     WRITTEN MOTION, Councillor Gomes, requesting, once more that letters be sent to Congressman William Keating, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey, for their immediate action in releasing the fishing licenses to New Bedford that were once was held by Carlos Rafael of Carlos Seafood, this request is on behalf of the ground fishing industry and the fishermen that have been put out of work due to the federal investigation showing Carlos Rafael’s scheme, due to the implementation of the Federal Government rules on ground fishing, that targeted boat owners in obtaining boats and ground fish licenses and his mission plan to dominate the fishing industry in the City, said licenses being held by NOAA and the Federal government should be released and re-issued to new owners in the New Bedford fishing industry which is a livelihood and economic boom to our City and working waterfront.

8.     WRITTEN MOTION, Councillor Gomes, requesting, that the Fire Chief Gomes and the Administration report to the Committee on Public Safety and Neighborhoods as to what is the delay in the reconstruction of the downtown fire station which had a three month plan of completion; and further if this project completion continues to be delayed action must be taken to address the housing of Ladder One and Engine Two under the original plan proposed by this Councillor, said plan would be to locate Ladder One at Liberty Street and rent a house camper for the firefighters and place Engine Two on Kempton Street at former Station Three, strong consideration has to be taken in light of the weather conditions changing and Engine Two cannot be kept outside once the inclement weather and freezing temperatures approach which would not be good for the mechanics of that apparatus or in the best interest of response time to the residents living in high-rise units and the business community of the central and west areas of the City.

9.     WRITTEN MOTION, Councillor Gomes, requesting, that letters be sent to the Respective Captains of Police Stations 1, 2, and 3 of each sector of the City, thanking all special units, uniform patrol for their continued initiative to make the City streets safer, and commending them for their quick work and major arrests over the summer which has resulted in taking some major crime figures, weapons and drugs off the streets, and closing the case immediately after the crime has been committed; further, stating that we the City Council have your backs as you have our backs and the people of the City of New Bedford, and continue to protect and to serve the City as a whole as you are our frontline and heroes.

10.     COMMUNICATION, City Clerk/Clerk of the City Council, to City Council, on behalf of Christopher Okafor, 27 Maddie Drive, New Bedford, MA 02745 d/b/a KIK TRANSPORTATION, 27 Maddie Drive, New Bedford, MA 02745, hereby submitting a copy of the Application requesting a NEW PRIVATE LIVERY LICENSE, under the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 159A, Section 1, and amendments thereto, and M.G.L. Chapter 270, Section 22 (Smoke Free Workplace Law) and all other laws applicable to such operation to carry passengers for hire over the streets of New Bedford.

11.     COMMUNICATION/ DEMOLITION, Anne Louro, Preservation Planner, to City Council, re: BUILDING DEMOLITION REVIEW OF 3 WILDWOOD ROAD, (MAP 130F, LOT 8) a Circa 1901, two storey, wood framed residence and associated out-buildings – advising that “the structures are not located in a National Register Historic District; the structures are of no notable historic significance either recorded or found with the existing condition of the structures; the structures are in poor condition due to extensive deferred maintenance; restoration or preservation efforts would be impractical due to the existing condition of the structures; “in light of these findings, the Preservation Planner has determined that the residential structures at 3 Wildwood Road are neither Historically Significant nor Preferably Preserved Structures.”

12.     COMMUNICATION, Manuel DeBrito, Board of Election Commissioners, to City Council, submitting the Election Warrant for the Tuesday, November 6, 2018, State Election, the warrant needs to be signed by the majority of the City Council and must be posted on the 7th day prior to the Election date as mandated by M.G.L. c43, §44A, a copy of this warrant will be posted at each polling location.

13.     COMMUNICATION, Council President Morad and Councillor Rebeiro, submitting a copy of a letter to Dr. Gallaudet, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere requesting that New Bedford be the site of the new Northeast Fisheries Science Center. (Copy all Councillors via email October 9, 2018; To be Referred to the Committee on Fisheries.)

14.     COMMUNICATION, City Clerk/Clerk of the City Council Farias, submitting a response letter from MassDOT, dated September 19, 2018, regarding Councillors Gomes & Dunn’s request that was made at the City Council Meeting of July 19, 2018, for a traffic study at the intersection of the Route 140 northbound ramps at Hathaway Road and grass cutting at various ramps systems throughout the City.  (Copy all Councillors via email September 28, 2018.)













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