COMMITTEE ON FINANCE  - December 13, 2018
133 William Street, New Bedford, MA - City Council Chambers - Room 214
Chair Suggests 'No Further Action' and 'Report Out to the Full City Council'

1. RELATED MOTION, Councillor Carney, requesting, that the Committee on Finance Chairman, table the matter pertaining to M.G.L. Chapter 32B, Sections 21, 22, and 23 for 90 days to give the Public Employee Committee (PEC) and the Administration time to negotiate the City’s employees health care benefits.  (Ref’d 1/11/18)

2. COMMUNICATION, Mayor Mitchell, to City Council, submitting AN ORDER to accept Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 32B, Sections 21-23 to provide the City with the tools to implement necessary changes to City health insurance benefits and to enable more effective collaboration with the public employee unions. (Ref’d 1/11/18) 



3. WRITTEN MOTION, Council President Lopes, requesting that the City of New Bedford study the potential cost savings associated with the establishment of an Opt-Out Medical Insurance Program for City employees. (To be Referred to Mayor Mitchell, CFO Ari Sky, Personal Director Sandy Vezina, and the Committee on Finance.) (Ref’d 2/23/17) (9/13/17-tabled 45 days)





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