COMMITTEE ON CITY PROPERTY  - September 23, 2019
City Hall, 133 William Street, New Bedford, MA City Council Chambers - Room 214

1. COMMUNICATION, Mayor Mitchell, to City Council, submitting a request, that pursuant to Section 2-65 of the City Code, the Council begin Committee on City Property proceedings to seek proposals for the disposition of a twenty-year leasehold interest in property owned by the City of New Bedford, consisting of approximately 2.745 acres of vacant land located on the West Side of East Rodney French Boulevard, shown on City of New Bedford Assessor’s Map 12, as Lot 298. (Ref’d 2/28/19) (5/21/19 – Committee VOTED to approve the twenty-year leasehold and to accept the RFP, as amended.)


1a. COMMUNICATION, Blair Bailey, Tax Title Attorney, to Councillor Naomi R. A. Carney, Chairperson, Committee on City Property, submitting an RFP Response from Servedwell New Bedford LLC, related to the Lease of Vacant Land on East Rodney French Boulevard. (Ref’d from Committee 7/26/19)


INVITEES: Blair Bailey, Tax Title Attorney; Susan Bruce, Director, Purchasing; David Gerwatowski, Legal Counsel Attorney; Stephen Silverstein, Applicant; Representative, Mayor’s Office







In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if any accommodations are needed, please contact the Clerk of Committees Office at 508-979-1482.  Requests should be made as soon as possible but at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.